Lithia Spring Water Co

Lithia~ Medicine Spring Water

flows from a historic Cherokee medicine spring where for thousands of years people journeyed to drink the
spring's water for health, strength, and vitality. Lithia Medicine Spring Water is rejuvenating.

Lithia~ Medicine Spring Water

was Mother earth's gift to the medicine man who was the healer and the spiritual guide of the tribe. It was he or her
who gave the medicine spring water to the tribe to improve their health, strength, and vitality.

America's Legendary Health Elixir

1888 Vintage post card of Sweetwater Park Hotel, Lithia Springs GA

In 1887 the Sweetwater Park Hotel health resort was built at the site of an ancient native American medicine spring, located at Lithia Springs GA. This international acclaimed health resort catered to the rich and famous of the era. Presidents Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, the Vanderbilts and Mark Twain drank from the legendary medicine spring, whose water was purported to enhance both health and longevity.


Mother Earth's Healing Powers

"We are a people who are neither happy nor healthy because we have forgotten the healing powers of mother earth" Mourning Dove (Humishuma) Native Writer 1884-1936

Our Medicine Spring

There is no water in this world like Lithia Medicine Spring Water. It's unique because of its scarcity, rich mineral composition, legendary history, and its health testimonials for over 100 years. It's also a very special medicine spring water because it flows from the ruins of ancient megalithic temple. There are many ancient wonders that have been discovered at the medicine spring, including a giant smiling turtle that native Americans regard as the symbol of long life and health. For thousands of years this ancient guardian has beacon health seekers to drink the medicine springs water.
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Our Medicine Spring Water

Our medicine spring is extremely rare. The spring only produces a few thousand gallons a day for the entire word! It's natural Lithia Spring Water is scarce, there are only a few commercially bottled Lithia Spring Water products in the world. In fact, Lithia Medicine Spring Water is one of the only natural Lithia water products produced in the USA. What makes our medicine spring water even more special is its natural formulation and its benefit to health that is supported by scientific research, testimonials, and extremely ancient history.
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Our Medicine Spring History

Since prehistoric times people have made pilgrimages to medicine springs, like Lithia Springs, where they drank Mother Earth's elixir of life. At the site of Lithia Medicine Springs are the ruins of a neolithic period megalithic temple that gives evidence to the significance of this ancient spring. For thousands of years, this medicine spring was a place of healing. In 1888 Judge Bowden began bottling the medicine spring's water. So popular were the reported health benefits of the Bowden Lithia Water it soon became one of America's most popular bottled water brands.
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Our Medicine Spring Water's Benefits

Brain health is paramount to a long happy healthy life. There is a large body of scientific research that strongly suggests that lithium is an essential nutrient and it maybe necessary for optimum brain health. However, it is a misunderstood nutrient, because the word “lithium” suggests images of mental unrest or overt mental illness. Research has suggested that lack of lithium in our diets may have an adverse effect on our mental and physical health. A trace amount of Lithium a day may do your body, mind, and mood good.
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Our News

We were featured in the New York Times on September 13, 2014. The NY Times published an article about the health benefits of trace amounts of Lithium in our diets. As quoted; "LITHIUM has been known for its curative powers for centuries, if not millenniums. Lithia Springs, Ga. for example, with its natural lithium-enriched water, appears to have been an ancient Native American sacred site." Soon, we will be making history when we show the world the ancient wonders we have discovered at the medicine spring that gives evidence to the significance of its curative powers.
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Our Free Vintage Book

In 1891 a book entitled “The American Carlsbad” was written to tell the story about our Lithia Medicine Spring Water. Within the pages of this vintage book are fascinating details of Bowden’s bottled Lithia water and the Sweet Water Park Hotel. This book also includes testimonials from doctors and health seekers who tell of their personal experiences drinking Lithia Medicine Spring Water. Read it on line or Download this FREE digital copy of a vintage book about Lithia Medicine Spring Water and the good Ole days at Lithia Springs GA.
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Since 1888 the health benefits of Lithia Medicine Spring Water have been supported by historical accounts, testimonials, and legends.

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Scarce Supply~ The ancient Lithia medicine spring produces only a few thousand gallons a day!
Highest Standards of Purity

State-of-the-art packaging and sanitation technology guarantee 100% safe fresh to drink all natural Lithia Spring Water. Direct from the source, Lithia Spring GA.
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